With total downloads now pushing 3 million, Motalen, founded by Alexander Bringsjord with the initial, humble goal of making it possible for everyone in the mobile space to track the amount of remaining power at their mobile disposal (BatteryTime), has given the world the first bona fide gesture-based adventure/escape game in the mobile space (Infernus), and today its R&D division has its sights set on giving the world games so hard that those who solve them will by definition be smarter by virtue of doing so. (By the way, are you smart enough to escape from Prison 4, above?) In short, Motalen is now the world's first very serious game company.


Powered by the resounding success of BatteryTime, the team expanded quickly and began focusing on next-generation technologies for the burgeoning mobile field. Given the still-underway rush toward a "mobile singularity," the team knew that having a set of internal tools for producing powerful mobile games would be the key to ongoing success in an industry with countless competitors. Motalen's Infernus Engine was developed to meet this challenge. The result: Infernus 1 & 2.


Having two powerful technologies that allowed the creation of highly popular games (Award winning Infernus 1, Google-featured Infernus 2, and the completely revolutionary Wave) was only the solution to one game-development problem. There was still a tantalizing, profound one: Could cognitive science be harnessed to figure out how to make the design of engaging games a matter of engineering, rather than intuitive guesswork? The team at Motalen believes that every engineering problem has a solution. Can player emotions be detected from study of the brain? And if so, what implications would the knowledge gained have for game design? ...


Often there is indeed wisdom in the proverbial crowd, but Motalen is convinced that there is downright gold in the crowd: an ability to solve even fiendishly difficult problems, solutions to which can advance the general welfare of the human race. We all know that simple games like chess and game-show trivia and question-answer competitions are ones that individual humans can peerlessly excel at. But Motalen, to our knowledge, is the first company on the planet to offer games that promise to unleash the collective capacity of humanity to solve problems that are much harder than chess and trivia games, and the like. With proprietary technologies that allow creation of advanced 3D games, music games that can process any digital file, and cognitive-science-powered usability testing that allows emotions to be pinpointed for design support, Motalen is revolutionizing and reinventing mobile-game development.

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